no 'invoke' in url

client is doing http post to send data to webMethods service. But the url the client is posting does not have ‘invoke’ keyword. eg for the url - http://hostname:port/folderName/webMethodsServiceName. Hence the webMethods service is not getting called. What is the best way to get the data to the service without any data getting lost? Please advise.

The invoke part of the URL must be present.

Thanks Rob… There is no way clients can add ‘invoke’ in their URL. Is their any other way to direct this request to service by changing code in server side?

There is not. If the client is able to generate/configure the URL with the service name, why can they not add the invoke portion?

Because there are millions of them. Even small change needs significant effort from the client side. I guess they (clients) have confiugred the URL in this format to call servlet that runs in weblogic server. We on the server side are using webMethods and hence this url format becomes an issue.

The word used for the directive “invoke” can be changed, but I do not believe it can be eliminated. See “Controlling the Use of Directives” in the IS Administrator’s Guide.

webMethods 8.0 provides a facility to set up URL alias for a service.

e.g. HTTP Service invocation like

can be done in following fashion.

where test is the HTTP URL alias.

Please refer to 8.0 Developer user’s guide (page 147)

Thank you Reamon and dhimate… Currently we have found a way to handle this via url rewriting before request reaches wm server. ours is wm 7.1. Dhimate, your tip is awesome!!