No adapter connections

When I try to create an Adapter Service, after Adapter Type select, it gives me this error:

“No adapter connections available for the selected adapter type”

I already configured the connection through IS ADMIN and enabled it.

I got it. Thanks
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If you are sure that Adapter Connection is configured and enabled using the ISAdmin/JDBCAdapter page,also make sure in the Adapter Connections Package that created connection is configured or not.

As a last attempt try to reload that Adapter connections package and create a new Adapter Service.



How do we send a message from one IS to WmJBoss Queues its in another IS with out using JMS Adapter stuff .

Is it possible way if so can u send me a custom code for this this is great help to me.


we have two IS servers one has WmJBoss and other doesnt now i need to send messages from one IS to remote Queue thats in WmJBoss sideIS .Is it possible to send messages to on remote Queue without having JMS adapter stuff if so plz tell me the way i need to do