Nirvana queues not shown from IS


While the lookup of our Nirvana JNDI provider from our IS is successful, the created queues don’t appear in the lookup report.
Sending a message to any of these queues results in a namingException - name not found.
ACLs of the queues have been adapted (granting everything to Everyone) without result.

Could you please help us to understand what we are missing here?

Many thanks in advance for you help,

Hello Jerome,
If this is the First Time configuration you can follow the belo step to configure JNDI with IS for JMS messaging
1>Copy nClient.jar and nJMS.jar from /lib to /lib/jars and Restart integration Server
2>create Connection Factories and Topics and/or Queues as required on UM
3>Create new JNDI Provider Alias from IS ->Messaging
After saving the changes test JNDI alias ,It should display the details available in Nivana server like connecton factory Topic/Queues .