Niravana replacing Broker

I understand SAG is still enhancing Nirvana to add some of the broker features … hence there will be considerable amount of changes to the original Nirvana - Will it not cause performance issues?

How about the publish service being modified - Are the JMS API added to the existing proprioatory publish code or something else bcz it will in future support both publish to broker and nirvana… - I know even now it supports but not full fledged.

The new service description is similar to old broker publish, Message provider can be found in the IS messageing configuration or specified in the publishable document. There are some new exceptions documented in the new description, which were not in old publish and have to be handled in the interface.
Publish and Wait is not supported. Usual triggers will work.

Regarding the performance issues - hope it shouldn’t be a problem, given the performance of UM with guaranteed delivery is supposed to be better than broker. And yes, there will be some performance difference between (two/three different versions of UM??)

  1. Full feature version (pay more) with very low latency
  2. Broker equivalent with increased latency, still better than Broker. This does nots upport active-active clustering and other extended features of UM
  3. Broker Equivalent with active-active clustering enabled?? - No idea on this.