Newly created device throws "Error: Parameter "key" required" when clicked

Product/components used and version/fix level:

Cumulocity IoT
Backend: 1020.296.0
UI: 1011.0.4

Detailed explanation of the problem:

we have a custom application based on Cockpit. To comunicate with our tenant we use the Java agent provided by you.

After we register a device on the platform we try to visualize it on our application but we get the following error:

Error: Parameter "key" required
    at A.instant (vendors~app.ed04ce34587520af21d2.js:3179:7239)
    at vendors~app.ed04ce34587520af21d2.js:1939:201107
    at Array.sort (<anonymous>)
    at Bt.sortTabs (vendors~app.ed04ce34587520af21d2.js:1939:201030)
    at Bt.prepareTabs (vendors~app.ed04ce34587520af21d2.js:1939:200831)
    at t.project (vendors~app.ed04ce34587520af21d2.js:1939:200582)
    at t._next (vendors~app.ed04ce34587520af21d2.js:3627:74858)
    at (vendors~app.ed04ce34587520af21d2.js:2392:1092)
    at t.notifyNext (vendors~app.ed04ce34587520af21d2.js:7060:266787)
    at t._next (vendors~app.ed04ce34587520af21d2.js:3349:16029)

This problem never happend before as we installed hundreds of devices.

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:

Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?


This is being handled as a support ticket.