Newbie EJB works in Developer Console NOT VB client

I am trying to create a basic test of wm integration. I have access to an EJB (that does NOT return a value). I used the EJB Adapter and webMethods 4.6.1 (current eval version) and following the tutorial created and published the web service to access the EJB. It works fine in developer, it works fine when I test it through “Browse Web Services”, but when I access it through VB using typical SOAP calls, I get error messages that I can’t resolve (note: the EJB method is successfully called, but I get errors that don’t occur in Developer or Browser).

In particular on the console, I see:
0010B5 [B2BCORE.0050.0004] Copy failed: (Single) No source data available: to=/
methodArgValues(0), from=/createNamedQueryMethod0Params(0)
0010B6 [B2BCORE.0049.0005] Invoke Method0(createNamedQuery): index=1 depth=7
0010B7 [B2BCORE.0050.0004] Copy failed: (Single) No source data available: to=/
createNamedQueryReturnValMethod0(0), from=/methodReturnValue(0)

But I don’t have any variables with those names. I have marked my two input variables as optional and tried the right mappings. I have traced the XML generated from both the VB client and the webMethods browser client - and they are very similar (slight namespace differences).

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am stumped!

Thanks so much!!

Solving my own problem…
There were two issues:
a. As mentioned elsewhere, when dealing with things that do not return values, it is best to delete/drop them from the pipeline/sequence mapping.
b. And duh, if the function doesn’t return anything, don’t have something like:
result = soapClient.soapOperation(param) in your VB code
I post this in the unlikely event it is useful to others