New WM user here :)

HI All

I am new to WM and trying to understand what is the great big deal about it. So anyone who can care to enlighten me i am happy :slight_smile:

Btw i am trying to use the queryXMLnode in WM but i seem to be hitting an error everytime i come into it. Any place i can get some good tutorial on this?

1) Register an account in
2) Login into
3) Go to Bookself.

duh…that is standard. I am asking for more info :crazy:

what is the error you are getting?

Hi arulchristhuraj

It is okay. I managed to resolve this :slight_smile: Thanks for taking note of my post anywayz :smiley:

That is indeed standard but you’d be surprised at the number of people that do not 1) read the documentation; 2) research Advantage or wMUsers before posting questions. Based on your original post, it appeared that you fell within that category since you didn’t state that you had checked any of that. You didn’t post the error you were encountering either, which reinforced the notion that you needed basic guidance.

Your “duh” response was really, really out of line.

Can you post the error message you were encountering and the resolution? This info can help people that come across this thread in the future.