New to Xquery

Hi I have just started to learn XQuery.

I am having trouble when I try to extract sentences from a paragraph
and when I try to count the number of words in a paragraph.

I am trying to do these things on a wikipedia xml source page.

Could anyone please help me.
Sorry if it seems very basic to some people.

Hi “P”
Could you give a bit more info on the XML document that you’re doing the query on ?


All the articles that is seen on a wikipedia page is written inside paragraph or


Each wikipedia source page is the same, so if you look at any of them you will get a clearer view of what i’m talkin about.

Hope that helps.

Hi P
So what you’re looking for is a way of parsing the “free text” within the

tags in the wikipedia articles into words ?

Is this some sort of linguistic study with a free corpus from Wikipedia ?
I’m not sure xquery is the optimal tool for this analysis - at least I haven’t see any xquery examples regarding this parsing into words.
But I guess it can be implemented with userdefined functions, or perhaps more effectively by a Tamino server-extension function.