New Task has business data (pipeline data) but it cannot be read by IS or MWS

I recently updated my Designer and encountered some issues with my (before working) processes, suddenly some tasks were not able to retrieve their business data anymore (task started up with null pointer exceptions and pub.task.taskClient:getTask only retrieved the “empty” structure of the business data documents.

So I decided to install latest fixes for MWS and PRT, wel…things went totally wrong… now I have this issue for every single task (at least a consistent experience^^).

I can see the business data in the MWS webinterface (see attachment “All Data View”), but as I said before I cannot retrieve this data in any way (neither IS nor in MWS).
To demonstrate this last two cases I used the Debugger and the getTask IS service (see taskdata.png). There are some default values avaiable, but not the real business data.

Anybody knows how to fix this? I can’t find a single error message in the log files.


all data view