New portlet application - throws error

Hi Guys,

I created a new portlet application in designer, then created a blank portlet (with name ‘TestPortlet’) and published that to MWS server.

From sysadmin login, when I try to open the portlet (Folder > System > portlets > portlet app > portlet) it throws an error A “javax.portlet.PortletException” occurred with the Message "Target Unreachable, identifier ‘TestPortlet’ resolved to null.

I did not add any custom content into this portlet. Do you have any idea on why the portlet throws error?

MWS server: MWS 9.8

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Hi Guys,

Just figured it out. It is because, the portlet bean is not created. I manually added the bean creation annotations to the portlet. But just wondering why it did not create the relevant configuration in faces-config.xml file.

In Window > Preferences > Software AG > UI Development ‘Prefer declaring managed beans via Java annotations’ is unselected. So I expected the portlet managed bean configuration to be auto-created in faces-config file upon creating portlet. Is it a defect in designer?

Designer version - Software AG Designer 9.8

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That looks like a bug. Please open a new support ticket with your findings.