New kind of asset with similar attributes of "service&q

Hi fellows!

Once again I ask you for help. This time has to do with the way of manage a particular asset.

As I told you, I don’t know much about CentraSite but what I’m trying to do is the follow:

Today it is possible to insert into the repository a webservice already developed by loading the corresponding WSDL.

Well, what I need (I mean, my company!) is to insert an asset (a webservice, in fact) BEFORE implementing, using the so call “signature” -i.e: the name of the service and the definition of its parameters-

Well, what I did is to create a new asset -with the same features as “service”- containing two attributes: HasInput and HasOutput whose data type is “Relationship” to a Data Structure as a parameter. So far, this is ok but a question arose: ¿how to connect this with the corresponding WSDL once developed? because no action called “Attach WSDL” appears in this new asset.

In other words ¿how can the new asset behave similarly to “service”? ¿It is possible to do using the existing assets in CentraSite?

Thank you for your help!


Hi Diego,

what ou want to do is one of the standard use cases for CentraSite, but it works differently. You should not create another asset type, but you should create an asset of type service. Creation of a service by importing a WSDL is only one method of service creation (and suitable only when there is a WSDL, of course). You can use the normal “Add asset” functionality to crate a service. The only attribute of this service that is really required for creation is its name (unless you add other required attributes to the type). At any time later, you can attach a WSDL.
Note that “Attach WSDL” is available for the “service” type only (because “Attach WSDL” will create or modify an instance of type service. So if, for any reason, you really need to create a different asset type for your purposes (I would be interested in the reason), you cannot attach a WSDL to it, but you have then to create a relationship attribute to point to an instance of type service.