new adapterType using ADK6.0

Hi All,

I have created a new adapter type that is current just a copy of the Tutorial adapter with the all the names changed - and installed in a new package with the same name as the new adapter. Once I know this works, I will then modify the adapter to suit my needs.

My problem is that I have no idea how I can register the adapter type with the Integration server. I have located the code that registers the adapter in admin:registerAdapter. But without my adapter appearing in the Adapters section of the admin console the IS has no knowledge of the service, so can’t register itself.

So it looks like I am in a chicken & egg situation! I’m sure there must be a way to break out of this and register the adapter type, but the documentation makes no mention of this and webMethods support haven’t been able to come up with anything so far apart from pointing to the admin:registerAdapter code.

Anyone have any experience with this???

Many Thanks in advance,

admin.Service.registerAdapter needs to be set up as the startup service for the package containing your adatapter. (You’ll also need to set up admin.Service.unregisterAdapter() as the package shutdown service, but its the same basic process for each method.) To do this, registerAdapter needs to be converted to a java service that is visible to the developer tool and then the package needs to be configured to use it as the startup service. The processes to create a java service and package startup service is covered in the developer manual. The only thing not covered there is that fact that wmart.jar needs to be on your classpath when you compile these services.

Once you’ve set up the startup/shutdown services, reload the package. if your adapter does not appear in the adapters section of your browser, refresh your browser screen and/or check the error logs.