CloudStreams Connector for NetSuite™ integrates webMethods CloudStreams with NetSuite SuiteTalk web services. It enables you to connect using passport details and work with NetSuite SuiteTalk objects. Using webMethods CloudStreams, you can configure the CloudStreams Connector for NetSuite™ to perform CRUD operations like add, get, delete, and update.

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CloudStreams Connector for NetSuite™ 10.3
API supported version: 2014_2 , 2016_2, 2018_2

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CloudStreams Connector for NetSuite™ 9.8
API supported version: 2014_2 , 2016_2

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The indicated CloudStreams provider version is also supported on higher versions of the CloudStreams Server. For example, a 9.6 provider version is forward compatible with CloudStreams version 9.7, 9.8, and so on. It is recommended to update to a higher provider version, when available.