.NET package vs WSDL

I have seen a presentation about .NET package (WmDotNet) but I am confused about why should I use this package and not WebServices.

WebServices are more standard and allow more complex structures of input and output.

Does anyone notice any difference in performance ?

I think one of the major reasons given for providing the WmDotNet package is to allow .Net development shops to write integration business logic using the .Net language of their choice and invoke those services as if they were native IS Flow or java services.

The package can also be used to invoke remote .Net assembly methods, but you need to place a local copy of the assembly on your IS box in a similar fashion to placing the EJB client jars on the IS when using the EJB Adapter.

Also, keep in mind that web services were much less mature two and a half years ago when the WmDotNet package was introduced.

In short, I’d use document / literal web services to integrate with a new or recently-developed .Net application.