.Net ACI example

Have an old VB6 program as an ACI server. Program using .logon and .register to connect to Broker then sits in a .receive loop looking for messages. These are simple messages (send & receive). No complex conversations. Finally does a .deregister and .logoff to close.

Looking for a sample .Net program that does the .logon, .register, .receive, .deregister & .logoff commands. Not too worried about which version of .Net or Visual Studio the sample is using. Currently running EntireX v9.10. If needed can upgrade to a 10.x version.

.Net ACI was dropped from EntireX as of v9.0. There is no further support for .Net ACI since then. You should look to migrating the applications to .Net RPC - it is simpler to use and delivers benefits to both server and client applications.