Need to Trigger an IS service whenever a Function Module get executed on SAP system..

Hi all

I have a requirement. I need to call a IS service whenever there a function module get executed in SAP and get the output of that function module in my IS service to further process it.

I have created a RFC listener notification which listens to that Function module,i have given the service to be invoked in that notification.But i am not able to figure out what document i will get in that service which will give me the output of that Function module.

When i created the RFC listener Notification two documents were created,whether Reply document will be the input parameter to my IS service to get the output of that Function mdule.

If i am wrong can some one explain me how i can achieve this thing…

waiting for prompt reply


Hi Pankaj,

You can achieve it by RFC Notification… specify the name of function module name and the service to be executed when its processed… while creating it…

Prior to it RFC destination shud be configured…

  • Shaik