Need more logs for service - Apama-ctrl-1c-4g

I have created one EPL and implemented some functionality. but the same EPL i don’t see the previous logs . When i try to download logs for “Apama-ctrl-1c-4g” microservice it gives me only for last two or three hours logs not before that.

Is there any way to get previous logs (2 or 3 days back) or do i need to make some configuration changes to get the logs.

Please suggest.

The time for which you get logs of a microservice depends on the amount of logging the service does. There is no way of increasing that. Normally with apama-ctrl-1c-4g you should get more than a two or three hours depending on the amount of custom logging you do. You can try to reduce the amount of logging you do yourself to focus only on the relevant aspects to get more time in your log.