Need information on webMethods Core Architecture (PDF/PPT) - CLOSED

Dear Experts,

Can anyone please share the documentation (PDF/PPT) on webMethods Architecture (purely technical).

I need a diagram of the core architecture of webMethods showing the main components/systems.

I found a documentation on Understanding_webMethods_Product_Suite.pdf but this talks more about the product suite not much about webMethods architecture.

Your help is highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Every partner/customer/client to SAG will have their own way of representing or putting the reference architecture and they may not share it …

Hello Suresh,

Yes, I agree with you that every customers/client to SAG will have their own architecture (project specific) and they cannot share it due to the copyrights.

But what I was looking out here is the architecture of webMethods product more specific to the product and nothing related to the customers/clients of SAG.

Let me know if need further information in this regards.