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I am looking out on information about migrating code from NATURAL/ADABAS to COBOL/DB2. Please share your views or datapoints on this. Also, feel free to share if you have any piece of information on this.

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A giant step … backwards.


Excuse the observation;

But are you the same Smruti who less than a month ago posted a question regarding the difference between FIND and READ???

And now less than a month later you are suddenly qualified to contribute to a decision regarding a possible migration from Natural/Adabas to Cobol/DB2 ???


Hi Steve,

Yes…I am the same person who ask very silly questions sometimes. But those questions were not because I never knew its answers. Those were because I should be able to answer the questions that I keep on banging against my head when I work on something in my shop…I do the investigation from my side and if I fail to answer any of my queries then I come to seek the help out here.

Its a kind of learning I take each time.

In this case…there is a requirement in the shop where I work for migrating code from Natural/Adabas to Cobol/DB2. I know migration is never an easy task. I tried to find out from the documentation I have…But still I did not get much out of it. Hence I raised a query in this forum. It would be great if you can help me in providing in any of the documentation available or please direct me to the correct forum where should I raise the query


yes, you can migrate Natural/Adabas code to COBOL/DB2. IBM will surely provide you with all the reasons why you should. They will not include concise, maintainable code, ease of use nor high performance.

Rather than asking the community for data points, you should ask the advocates of this conversion for proofs of what they are offering - can they improve performance or programmer productivity? Make sure that the tests or case studies they offer have some bearing on your environment (they won’t…).

Sorry for asking a maybe stupid question: Are you looking for information about an “automatic” migration? Or do you want to know how to review code manually?


Thanks a lot to both of you for your reply.

Matt(I am sorry if I am writting your name incorrectly)

This migration work is more of an automatic migration.

Please let me know if you need anymore information on the same.


I work both on Natural and Cobol and I do completely agree with what you said below. I completely believe that working on Natural is much more comfortable and user friendly.

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Thank you

Sorry, I don’t know any automatic migration tools - maybe there are some tools on the software market. But I don’t think that they will solve all problems…