Need Help With Portlets

Hello, im kinda new with Webmethods Portlets but i have done the examples on, now i have lot of questions with my projects.

1.- It is possible to put 2 actions on an Assync Command button? how can i do this?, i suppose i have to put an invoke script inside it but i dunno how to call the Refresh action in the script.

2.- I invoked a service to give me a resource provider (a table) on my portlet, but now i wanna do the delete icon/link for each row, i have the service to delete the row on the database but i dunno how to send 1 parameter of the row (for example: ID) with the action of the button, so my delete service could know what row to delete on the database (i guess all my problems are that i dunno how to do more than 1 action(but i dont mean the ones of the client) inside the same button :confused:).

Thanks .

  1. All actions is Java methods. So you can create third java method and put it on an Assync Button and call first 2 methods in third one.