Need help with ClassCastException in beans

In a portlet, I have an Async Table generated by the Content Provider that is bound to the results of an IS service. In the Content Provider table, I’ve added the SelectRow objects. I am able to select the rows. However, when I try map the selected rows to another table generated by another Content Provider, I get a class cast exception on the “from” table.
I am following the code found in samples, CAF doc, and in there forums, but am, so far, unable to collect, move, get the contents of the rows selected.

Any ideas out there? :x

if the Row Java Type of your content providers is different, probably it won’t work (even though the IS doctype used for both IS services is the same one). You need to map the rows using a bean mapper (for example, Dozer, which can be found in Sourceforge).

hope this helps,