Need Help To Understand the Concept of Centrasite

Hi Guys,

I am new to web services. I know the architecture of webservices of provide & consumer node & Publishing the IS webservice to UDDI in developer. But I don’t know how to use centrasite & webservices in webmethod 7x.
Suppose I have created one provider webservice in developer. Also published it to UDDI. Now my queries are:
a) How I can publish the provider webservice to centrasite.
b) Publishing means I need to place the WSDL to centrasite…etc?
c) Is client need to be member of centrasite?
d) If client is not the member of centrasite then still we can use cenrasite by any other ways?
e) If we have to use any existing webservice from centrasite then do we need to take any permission from any group/body?
f) Can we use centrasite without using UDDI?
Guys please help me to understand the use of centrasite with webservices in webmethod 7x?