Need help to get the userlist portlet


Please help me to get the userlist portlet from MWS

What is a userList portlet ? What are you trying to achieve ?

hope u know that there is a list displaying all the users entered in the MWS . is there any possibility to get that portlet

Their is no inbuilt portlet from where you can get the list of user in MWS. You have to use principle picker control in your portlet view to search MWS users/roles/groups. Their options to hide user/group/role option depending on what you want.

If you want see the user selected in your managed you will have use create object of IPrincipleProvider in the bean and map value of principle picker control to IprincipleProvider Object.


Hi Jiten,

Thankz for your reply. I had displayed all the users in my portlet using usermodel. I need to edit the details. Is there any method for it?

what details you want to edit ? Can you give a use case of what you are trying to do.

You can’t edit the anything using principle pickets. You will have to use MWS in built API to edit Users/Roles.

Can I get ur mail address, I will send u the images…