need help on resolveExpression for my param


this is my problem in detail :

I have a menu item of HtmlCommandLink control

every item is a HtmlCommandLink control with a param passed

the domaine name text on the top is a parameterized text attached to a data name “domaineName”

my data must return the value of the param to show it in the parameterized text, but it return always a null value.
below my return data code that return null

	public java.lang.String getDomaineName()  {  
		String domaineName = (String)resolveExpression("#{param['param']}");
		return domaineName;

i tried also this method but i got always null value

	public java.lang.String getDomaineName()  {  
		String value = (String)getFacesContext().getExternalContext().getRequestParameterMap().get("param");
		return domaineName;

when i looked in the web, the last two methods work well for some members, but not for me :frowning:
the request is sent on the url and contains the param value, but on the view my parameterized text displays nothing, the return value is always null !!

plz if you have any help bout the cause of this problem

Thanks and regards


Try to use

HttpServletRequest request = PortalServlet.getCurrentRequest();
domainName = request.getParameter("domainName"); // if domainName is your param....

Hope this help.