Need help on JDBC Adapter Services - Checking tables reference in adapter services

Hi All,

My Question is, I have few (more than 25!!) JDBC Adapter services interacting with DB tables. Now, the requirement is, we are planning to drop certain Database tables which are no longer used, for ex: HISTORY_ABC table.

How can I find out that a particular table is not being used by any adapter service ??. It is taking considerable amount of time to go to each adapter service one by one…! :?
As there are services of various templates, ranging from SELECT, DYNAMIC SQL,… to CUSTOM SQL. How can I make sure that a table is no longer being used by any of the adapter service.

PS: I can’t go on clicking each service and check for the reference. :lol:

Thanks in advance for a good suggestion to automate this one.

Pradeep T.

There is no service that gives you teh table names that a Adapter service is referencing or using…But you may check the WmART or WmJDBCAdapter services that how it internally pulls the metadata ie dbo schemas/table list and ofcourse there is some how it gets those schema/table details from the underlying connection…It may worth to dig more on it.