Need help in using RunTime Policy in Mediator v8.0.3

I’ve created one virtual serevice of one webservice in centra site v8.0.3 and deployed it on mediator. I’ve applied one run time policy whic will authenticate user on the basis of User id and password which will come in HTTP header. For that I’ve added ‘Authorize User’ and it’s depended action ‘Require HTTP Basic Authentication’. As per the documentation I’ve configured LDAP on IS and given Administrators ACL to one of the LDAP user. In runtime policy under ‘Authorize user’ action I’ve added ‘Administrator’ and LDAP user. I’ve created consumer of this virtual service and tried to consume this service and given the LDAP user and password in HTTP header but Mediator has thrown the belwo mentioned error

ERROR: Mediator encountered an error:PG outbound client encountered error:org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: [ISS.0088.9164] Access to WSDescriptor centra:testadd denied. while executing operation:{}addNo service:testaddservice at time:3:52:45 PM on date:Jun 3, 2010. The client ip was: The current user:null. The consumer application:Consumer Application

but for Administrator i was able to access. Not sure what went wrong. Then I’ve changed the policy, removed the ‘Authorize User’ action and added ‘Identify Consumer’ action and mentioned that Identify user as ‘HTTP Authentication Token’. In this case none of the user is getting access including Administrator and Mediator is throwing Below mentioned error:

ERROR: Mediator encountered an error:Consumer could not be identified. Anonymous access is not allowed for this service! while executing operation:{}addTwoNumbers service:VirtualAddTwoNumbers at time:3:16:56 PM on date:Jun 4, 2010. The client ip was: The current user:null. The consumer application:null

Please let me know why it is not working.

May i know what version of IS it is? Try to enable the watt property called enablePG=true, if it is not already. Are you able to see the virtual services in IS at respective location?

Hi Vikas,
How are you testing Virtual Service? are you using any soap clients?

If tested with SOAP UI the following option need to be selected…
File —> Preferences → Add authentication information to outgoing request.

I am using the same runtime policy with same authentication.


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