Need Help In Understanding ISRuntimeExceptions

Hi all,

Can anyone help me out in classifying whether the following exception is a ISRuntimeException or not. Connection refused


The answer is within your post… It’s a “ServiceException”.


I think you want to know how to differentiate between transient and non transient error.



Can u please explain the difference between these type of errors

Transient and Non-Transient errors


ServiceException => Default exception type used by IS. You can “catch” these.
ISRuntimeException => You can’t “catch” this. This is used commonly for retry.

That’s why I was saying that your post itself contains the answer. It’s a ServiceException. Not ISRuntimeException.

how can we distinguished between them while handling…


I am having a problem that seams to relate to this issue…

I am trying to explore the retry property in a trigger.
I have already manage to create a trigger that retries ten times when the service called throws the exception.
The service only does one thing: pub.flow.throwExceptionForRetry
This works. Now I am trying to change the service to do a bit more.

I am trying to add a structure (TRY-CATCH) by using a sequence with 2 inner sequences.

1.Main_Sequence (exit on SUCCESS)
a) Try_Sequence (exit on FAILURE)
b) Catch_Sequence (exit on DONE)

I was trying to place the pub.flow.throwExceptionForRetry on the Catch sequence so that when an error occured in the Try_Sequence, the Catch would raise the exception and the trigger would try again until it reached the maximum retry count.

This is not working, and my first guess is that it has something to do with error handling…

Any ideias? :confused:


Your are on the right track. Move the throwExceptionForRetry outside of the try/catch sequence and you will be back in business. Normally what folks do is determine the error type in the catch sequence and then pass a parameter over to the throwExceptionForRetry sequence which has to be outside the try/catch block.

Got it!!!