Need help in creating Node names from XML


I have a strange requirement that needs me to extract Node names with their complete path from an XML and the values. So can any on throw some light how to extract node names with complete path using webMethods.

Thanks in Advance

Do you need the XML localName or prefix:localName?
Do you need information about the namespace the element is in, particularly if multiple prefixes are used for the same namespace?

By “complete path” do you mean XQL or XPath format? A key fact is what do paths into an element with multiple child elements of the same name look like? For instance XQL uses zero-based addressing of duplicates and XPath wants one-based.

One way to get a format the is nicely walkable is to convert the Node object to an IData (WmPublic pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument) and use code like that in WmSamples sample.idata:walkAnIData. This assumes that converting to an IData doesn’t lose some information that you require.