need help in CAF

Hi All,

In my project, we have a search screen and a search result screen.
In the search screen, the user will provide input such as instance_id, invoice_number etc and when he clicks on the Search button, the results would be fetched from the database and shown to the user in the results screen.
Please find the 2 screens attached.
Now, for the search result, I have written a service with inputs(string or stringlist ) and in the output I have created a document with all the fields required and taken the reference. Then I created a webservice provider and tested it.
I created a view file in my existing project folder and invoked the service in the before render response.

Now, can somebody please explain me the steps after that.


Hi Jyoti,

Some input from my side:

  • I do not see the attachments you are talking about. I think you might have forgotten to attach them
  • I think you project should be a task application. All the values you were talking about should be encapsulated in the task’s business data and have them in a separate DB/DB table that you query
  • If this is the case the creating the Search and Search Results page should be easy. I think there are some sample also in the code samples part of the Tech Community site. This are some reasources that you might want to check:


Also I would recommend that you decide early on I you want standard or indexed search. You will find the differences between this 2 types of searches in the above resources.

  • If this is not the case then you must be very careful when you set the scope of the WSD managed bean and also from where are you making the call (beforeRenderResponse might not be the best place)