Need held regarding pubstringreplace


I have a question regarding the built in function pub.string:replace.

Is it possible to map several characters to searchString? For example, say I want to search a character string for X and Y, and replace any occurance of those two characters with Z. How can I do this?

Is there a delimiter/separator that one can insert inbetween X and Y in the searchString input area in order to make this possible?

Please let me know when given the chance.


Try searchString as [x,y]
replaceString as z

and set the useRegex as True

That should solve ur issue…

Bhavani Shankar

Note : I have tried this in wM4.6 and it has worked.

FYI, “Replace is case sensitive”

In case u need to change X or Y or x or y to say z,
make the searchString as [x,y,X,Y]…

Bhavani Shankar