Need assistance with weight field

Received the following request. Can someone help tell me the best way to get this accomplished in Developer? Thanks for your assistance, John.

For the weight field I need for the field to store with an implied decimal position of one; zero filled to the left and to right if no decimal value is present…

Examples: 22.5 = 0225

                22 =  0220

              123.5 = 1235

               123 =  1230

Have you thought about using;

pub.math.multiplyFloats --multiply the number by 10, which will produce 123.0
pub.string.indexOf --find the index of ‘.’
pub.string.substring – get the string up to the ‘.’ (beginIndex=0, endIndex=“value from above”)
pub.string.padLeft – padString =“0”, length=4

Else - right your own Java FLOW service…