Need a very simple CAF example.


I have a BPM involving a Human Task, which needs to present the user with some information(from a docType), and allow user to submit some other information to the next Activity step.
I am new to CAF and have been trying reading WM Docs, but they sound very confusing together with all information spread across so many different pdfs.

I need a very basic step by step procedure to implement CAF portable task user interface for a Human Task in the BPM.

I tried the usual procedure as per pdf’s… ie:

  1. creating a new task for the Human Task Step.
  2. creating new web project.
  3. creating new Task UI (though I am still not familiar with how to populate values and do form submit using the palette).

But when I do “Build and upload for execution” after creating the above three, and run the BPM, I get the following error:
Error invoking step PRETDE_S6, PID=…
…PMC_IS:HumanTask_InputMapService): [PRT.0101.9125] Service .PMC_IS:HumanTask_InputMapService failed.

Can anyone please help.

No replies ???
I tried all I could but I am stuck on above error. Does no one know about CAF to help me out ?

can u post the full error that you are getting. i suspect the task is not getting queued.

You dont need to create a new web project for task UI. When you are creating a new task type if ask for the option if you need task inbox and detail page. These portlets are generated automatically when you create task type from designer.

Can drag and drop your business document form binding view to canvas in the desinger to create input/output field. If you need to create complex UI with differenent controls and validation i suggest you to refer CAF development guide.

Hope this helps