Natural Web Interface - Print Friendly

Is there a routine available that removes the browser footer and title information?

I have a prototype letter working that allows an employee lookup with a custom header. The only problem is the calling URL information is printed at the bottom of each page.

Any suggestions?


Have you tried to press the F11 key. I’m not sure if it is this you are looking for?

The standard footer for printing a web page using IE is &u&b&d, which means print the URL and then the right-justified date. If you remove the &u from the footer (File, Page Setup) the printed URL will disappear.

Thank you. We were trying to avoid having the end user adjust any settings for their browser page setup. This is mainly for the benefit of our less computer savvy clients.

After some research and experimenting last night I think we now have two viable alternatives for controlling print output from within the Internet browser. Solution one involves using ActiveX and Windows Host Script. The second solution uses a third-party cab file that’s deployed to the web server and called using standard JavaScript.