Natural to send Report as attachment

I have a natural program setup to send email notifications based on different conditions that run in a job that we run daily. The email is just basic with at most 5 lines in the message. This works great. My question is has anyone every done something like this but send their report as an attachment with their email message?

yes…depends on the program you are using to send email. I remember “Dazel” sent everything as PDF attachments.

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you can add attachments using the base64-Algorithm. Base64 - Wikipedia

For example an attachment “file.txt” containing “Hello world” results in:

begin 644 file.txt



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Today I’m working on a VERY similar task (not without success I should admit :-). Bottom line: your SMTP server/service must be “up and running”; you may read more here

about it (I assume you are able to submit a JCL into OS from your NATURAL program).
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