Natural on Linux stdout/stderr strip ANSI/TERM Control Codes?

Is there a configuration option that can disable the ANSI/TERM control codes in stdout & stderr output?

Right now I’m getting:

[Setting Environment in /opt/softwareag for Adabas Client 6.5 SP1]\n[done]\n[Setting environment in /sag for Natural 8.3 SP4]\n[Setting environment in /sag for Natural WebIO Server 8.3 SP4]\n[done]\n\r\n\tNATURAL V 8.3.4 Software AG 2015 \r\n\n\x1b[62;1"p\x1bP1;1|23/1B\x1b\\x1b[?4l\x1b[?7h\x1b[?8h\x1b[2J\x1b)0\x0f\x1b[m\x0f\x1b[?25l\x1b=\x1b[?1h\x1b[2J\x07\x1b[1;2H02/19/2016\x1b[1;37HNATURAL\x1b[1;61HLibrary: A\x1b[2;2H13:28:00\x1b[2;28HV 8.3.4 Software AG 2015\x1b[2;61HMode : STRUCTURED\x1b[3;2H

Any more specifics for this?

Essentially these are non-printable ansi control codes for what looks like color, however not all of the codes are exactly standard and have proven difficult to reliably strip with regex or other utilities. The intent is to capture the output from Natural into log files in a nice and easily human-readable format. When I strip all of these codes out it is also stripping some of the important text.

Since I haven’t been able to reliably strip them out I was trying to see if there was a configuration option for Natural that could either turn these off or specify the encoding used for stdout output. I’m not entirely familiar with the Natural system and we are in the process of upgrading from VMS/Natural 5 to Linux/Natural 8 and so our administrators also are not entirely familiar with all of the new options. Is there a way to specify utf-8 or otherwise solve/work-around these non-printable characters?