Natural for Tamino / handling of minOccurs

As there is no API forum for the “Natural for Tamino”-API i place my questions here.

We are currently sorting out the “best” way to access Tamino in our environment. During this evaluation we spent some time with the “Natural for Tamino” API.

Based on an external provided xsd we build a tsd.
We loaded external provided test documents.
We generated a DDM.
We access the loaded data with READ.
We deleted the current record.
We tried to STORE the record again (which we read before).
The STORE causes a validation response from Tamino.

Our analysis gave us the following result:

Given an element which is “optional”

<xs:element name = “dateOfDeath” type = “xs:date” minOccurs = “0”></xs:element>

The matching DATE field in the DDM was not filled by the READ.
The STORE of the document causes Tamino to validate the element “dateOfDeath” to be xs:date. This fails, because it was not filled.

Based on this the question is:
Is there a “trick” to convince the interface to suppress the generation of elements if the corresponding DDM fields are “empty” (holding the natural specific initial values)?

If there is no such “trick” then the “Natural for Tamino” seems to be not suitable for doctypes using minOccurs = “0”.

Local Software AG informed us, that the described behaviour is “as implemented”.

This feedback, just to inform the community.