Natural for IMS™ for zIIP™ is released

Software AG has now released Natural for IMS™ for zIIP™

• To help lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of operating your mainframe by taking advantage of IBM’s specialty zIIP™ processors.
• By moving Natural workload from IBM General Purpose Processor (GPP) to less expensive IBM® zIIP™ processors for execution.
• Natural for IMS™ for zIIP provides you a low-cost alternative to increasing capacity on your existing GPPs when you reach your z/OS capacity limit.
• Immediate benefits can be achieved, because Natural for IMS™ for zIIP is easy to install and the Natural code requires no changes.

Natural for IMS™ for zIIP™ joins a growing family of zIIP enablement products from Software AG: including: Natural Batch for zIIP™, Natural for Com-plete for zIIP, Natural for CICS® for zIIP and Adabas for zIIP.
Don’t hesitate, to start your POC (Proof of Concept) today.