Natural DMS files -> How to open

I wonder how yo open Natural dms files using my personal computer.
I want to open .dms files just to document my project.
Is it posible ?

What do you mean by “Natural .dms files”? Where do you find them?

Trying to remember maybe Unload(SysOBJ) or Download (Natural Connection).
It was on Mainframe using several Natural Objects.
Thank you.

In both cases you set the file extension, for SYSOBJH there are certain cases which require specific extensions (like “SAG”), but for a PCC download it’s entirely up to you, and you need to know about the file content and thus what program you need to open it with (for example Excel for CSV files etc.)

“.dms” does not seem to be a well-known file extension these days.

SYSOBJH files can either be scanned/loaded again using SYSOBJH, or they can be used as input to feeding the SQL Gateway dictionary etc.

I have renamed .dms file to .txt and I can open it using this extension.
I thought it was a natural extension file.
I am happy.
Thank you very much for your help.