Natural Coding Standards Document

Is there any document available on Natural Coding Standards
that are mostly followed by all :?:

No there isn’t a document mostly followed by all. There are many Documents at Natural Usergroups i think and much more Codestyle Rules at the Organizations using Natural but afaik there isn’t anything who is comparable to Sun’s Java Styleguide.

Sascha Wiegandt

How can i access the documents on the Uesr Groups that you Mentioned?

I know only from the German Natural User Group that there where a lecture about Natural Code Style at the last event. But i think SAG could tell you an Usergroup near to your Country.

Is the original post referring to techniques or style?

Fifteen years ago, Ted Venema, well-known by SAG users at the time, attempted to compile a comprehensive set of techniques and guidelines for distribution back to the user community. The majority of these user-submitted entries, especially those containing the words “never” or “always”, were contradicted elsewhere in the document. The document was valuable, however, in that it provided alternative solutions to many common problems, and it proved the DBA mantra: “It depends.”

As to style, in my experience, programmers balk at any guidelines, citing personal preferences, although most, I am saddened to say, have deferred this responsibility to the STRUCT command.

The original Post refers to both Techniques and style.

Ralph, can you share the Valuable Document that you mentioned above.

I can’t find the program that I wrote last week, let alone a document from 15 years ago. :frowning:

It would be of little use anyway. It was quite specific to Natural 1 and Adabas 4.

Thanks Ralph.
Still if you find any useful useful information in this regards,
please do update.It will be very useful. :slight_smile: