Natural/COBOL online application moving from z/OS to UNIX

Hi all,

An online application is planned to be ported from z/OS to UNIX. The apllication is composed from both Natural & COBOL, where the two languages are strongly interfaceing each other.
For example - Natural program calls a COBOL program. The COBOL program displays a BMS. Another example is COBOL program initiating a Natural transaction which performs its own screen I/O.
The current situation works fine under z/OS CICS.

Now, in the planned future environment, the COBOL is probably going to be ported to Microfocus or Clerity’s Unikix. The Natural is going to be the regular Software AG’s “Natural for UNIX”.

The question is - how are the screen I/O’s going to operate with two different terminal types? I know that Natural can call Microfocus or Clerity COBOL and vice versa under UNIX, but this is true for “native” calls, without screens being involved.

Has anyone ever had this situation?