NATRJE and return code 04

At Penn State we use NATRJE to submit batch jobs that generate emails. When too many jobs are submitted at the same time we get a response code 04 - NATRJE utility not available. Has anyone come up with a solution to this problem other than using RETRY logic? We do not have access to user exit routines so this is not an option for us.

Thank you,
Jean Chamberlin


I hope I am not late, but you can try this:

define call-natrje
repeat until ( #rc ne 4 and #rc ne 8) or #tries > 5
  #rc := 0
  add 1 to #tries
  call 'natrje' #job-cards #count #last #rc
  if ( #rc =4 or = 8 or = 1024 )
    call 'cmroll' #wait