NATBPMON and NUSG statistic

Hi All,
We have a web application, running on Websphere using Java RPC. Currently, we are experiencing JVM heap size problems intermittently throughout the day. In trying to track possible causes of it.
A NATBPMON shows very high statistics for NUSG for the NATSRVI/NATSRVD objects. Certainly, my expectation is that the number of activations of this object is hyperbolically related to the number of calls we do across Entirex.
Can somebody tell me what NUSG means and whether I should focus my debugging attention elsewhere?

Garth Endacott
Natural, Adabas on AIX, Entirex 8, JDK 1.7 on Websphere 8.5

Hi Garth,

what kinds of JVM heap size problems do you see? Are you getting OutOfMemoryErrors, if yes where?

Hi Rolf,
We are getting OutOfMemory issues, where the heap dump indicates that there may be JNI problems with GetPrimitiveArrayCritical or GetStringCritical - we don’t use JNI in our application specifically so I can only assume it is with marshalling parameters though EntireX and hence my check on NATBPMON to see which objects are being called repeatedly. I suspect, we may have an infinite looping issue with some bum data, but I was just wondering what the NUSG index was and why it was so high for our NATSRVD/T instances…

Hi Garth,
the EntireX Java runtime is 100% Java and does not use JNI.

nusg is eplained here:

Thanks, I did see the definition of “activated in the buffer pool”, but was wondering whether that meant that it was loaded and executed…
Still, have decided to rewrite the module I suspect gives the problem.
Thanks for your feedback