NAT8312 Error during XML parser processing, reason 1.

Hi colleagues; when trying to execute the PARSE XML instruction I get the NAT8312 REASON 1 error:


Error in File: HTTPCALL NAT8312 Error during XML parser processing, reason 1.

The offcial Natural System Error Messages 8301-8350 documentation says for Reason 1: Error in parser access; XML parser not available.

so, the simple question is: What should I do in order to get the parser available ?[/b]

do you have the XML parameter on? If so, what are the settings? And is CFICU=ON?

If these settings are on (check PARSE subparameter of XML), then please include which version and platform of Natural you are working with.

Thanks Douglas for your response:

We are running Natural 6.3.4 under AIX 6.1.

I have checked our natparm parameters and I couldn’t find those you have mentioned. Would you be able to help me on configuring that ?

Is there any XML profile setting file somewhere within our fileSystem I have to modify ? or I should pass this as a dynamic parameter ?

thanks once again, Esteban.

ok, options I gave you were for the mainframe. For Unix, it is not a dynamic parameter. See the installation instructions ( - you need to select the XML SAX parser option.

Many thanks Douglas, I’ll ask our dba team to follow the corresponding installation steps. Esteban.