NAT3411 Code page :1: not available.


Is there an easier way to deal with ICU Code Page? Has anybody come across this? This error message was issued, trying to run a natural prog on Windows Nat 6.2 to access a web page. ICU Web page site is not clear enough on how to install?
Anyhelp will be appreciated.



What codepage are you looking for ?

As this message doesn’t tell, make sure Natural is looking for what you think,
the full message can be seen from the Tools menu, choose System Information → Last Message

Well thats a million dollar question. what code page is being talked about here?

Explanation of Nat3411 is as following:
‘ICU (International Components for Unicode) is the engine to support
code pages and Unicode in Natural.
Code pages are defined in ICU in a data file that is linked to the
nucleus or loaded dynamically. If the code page is not available,
it is not part of the data file used.’

How do you build this data file?


Natural comes packaged with a pre-built ICU, so unless you are using a totally exotic codepage, you should not have to build ICU yourself.

That’s why I asked what codepage Natural is looking for, as the message you posted doesn’t show it, only the placeholder ( :1: ), please run that program again, then do

Tools menu, choose System Information -> Last Message

This will show you the actual codepage inserted into the message.

Last Message shown (in attached file) does not point to any ICU page.
NatLastMsg.doc (499 KB)