We are getting NAT3175 in a Natural batch program on mainframe

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I’m not sure how this relates to Cumulocity IoT? Can you check whether you have applied the correct tags for your issue.

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According to the documentation, there are several causes of this error. Let us know which applies to you.

Response 175
Origin Mainframe systems only
Explanation An inconsistency was detected between the index and Data Storage.

This response code can be expected when reading a descriptor value for a ciphered file if an incorrect cipher code was used.

Subcode Meaning

99 On logical reads and simple searches without hold, the index value is compared with the value from the data record to ensure consistency. When the values do not match, the read or search is repeated in order to avoid the effects of a possible parallel update. If the values still do not match, response 175 is given.
Action Run the ADACHK utility against the file, and contact your Software AG technical support representative.

Sorry about that

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