MyInbox menu overlapping with business data popup

Hello Dears,

When we expand the business data popup by using the expand arrow button, the side menu overlaps the business data popup. How can we fix this problem.

Screen shot of the issue is attached.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Can you please let us know the BC version, browser and its version you are using to access it.

Dear Yashwanth,

Thank you for your prompt answers.

The business console version is 10.1
and the browser versions are :

Internet Explorer - 11 &
Chrome Version 70.0.3538.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)


We are not able to repro this issue on 10.1 with these browser versions.

Can you please share the fix level of Business Console Portal and Runtime fixes.

In addition, can you please share the screenshot of console tab while doing these actions mentioned in screenshot.

Please try to clear browser cache and refresh the page.

Are you accessing inbox from appspace or from home tab.

Please raise a support incident as we might need a call if none of above solves the issue.

We cleared the cache and tried, but also the same result.

We are accessing the inbox from MyInbox menu.

Fix leavels are below :

Business Console 10.1 Portal Fix 6
Business Console 10.1 Runtime Fix 6

Console Screenshot is attached.


Can you please raise an support incident, so that our GS team will reach out to you and schedule a call with us to further debug this issue.

Dear Yashwanth,

Thanks for your prompt support and advice.

As instructed, we have rasied the support incident.

Thanks and Regards,

Dear All,

This issue was happening because of the built-in business console .css was conflicting with the .css which we have included in our custom gadget. Issue has been resolved after we added namespace in css.