My epl stop sending email for real time devices if not refreshed at regular interval

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance? EPL

@Nikita1 The EPL works on based on the event generated on Cumulocity data Model (Measurement/ Event/ Alarm/ Inventory). I am guesing on refreshing an event would be generated and based on that it works.

Can you please share more details like error message or any more explanation on your use-case?

I have created one EPL for sending mail whenever a alarm is generated and alarm type matched with enum type we have, then we are sending mail, so this EPL is around 600 lines , in start it was working fine, but now for receiving mail we need to refresh it everyday, Is there any problem in my code or it is due to EPL size?

Please share EPL code snippet and logs to identify the issue.


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