MWS role-based Process Monitoring


I have question regarding process monitoring (view, stop, re-submit process instances )on the MWS:

Is it possible to create a Role on the MWS which is able to monitor not all but some specified processes models? I know its possible for the different task types (by specifying functional and access privileges) but can I do this for different process models as well?



Did you get an answer ? :slight_smile:
I’m interresting too, exactly the same question.

I’m in MWS 7.1.3


hi, I got this answer from SAG:

Here is a brief guide on how to achieve this:
Set up the Data Level Security:

  1. Go to IS Admin page → Packages → Management
  2. Click on the home icon button of WmMonitor
  3. Verify the check box of “Enable Data Level Security

Thanks Bernd, is working fine ! :slight_smile:

before going in production, I’ll see what’s the impact of “Enable Data Level Security”.

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