MWS HttpHeader Authentication Configuration

Hi all,
we are currently piloting a solution where apache webserver is installed with CA SiteMinder Agent, it routes the http request from external users and the Corportate users (SSO) to My webMethods server.
External users should be allowed to access the MWS Custom Portal Login page and the internal corporate users (SSO) should be routed to their respective pages (as they are already authenticated by SiteMinder).
We would like to avoid having the SSO user authenticate twice. constraint here is we are not allowed to point to the LDAP server. but only the user id’s of the corporate users we are getting it from the tables. we have created the Data Service to populate all the user id’s into MWS.
For that a possible solution would be to configure HTTP Authentication Header authentication scheme in MWS. trying to read the SM_USER.
so my question is will this HTTP Authentication Header helps to acheive this?
Any ideas or Suggestion ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Venkat,

we have the same questions in my compagny, how did you finally solve this question ?
Any feedback is appreciated.

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