MWS Administrator without functional privileges on a Task

A few days back our development server crashed because of disk space. After a few problems restoring the file system and oracle data base of the webMethods Suite, finally this week we have a development environment up and running. During our restore we recreated all optimize tables with the data configuration tool, because analytic engine didn’t wanted to start correctly.

Once the environment was up we needed to deploy all processes and enable them. So we did it and all seemed fine.

The problem is the following:

There a few processes that even thou we deploy the processes and synchronize the tasks the administrator do NOT have functional privileges over those tasks. The tasks functional privileges do not appear in the list of the webMethods Administrator Role in MWS.

Logged in as administrator we are able to see the task in the Task List management portlet but once we click it, the following exception is thrown:

2010-07-21 12:59:10 AST (jsf : ERROR) [RID:610] -
com.webmethods.portal.PortalException: [POP.017.0023] Task functional privilege “406E6379-71C7-0538-9864-11BB08AF545F.privilege.viewdata” not found

Any idea what can be done?

Were you able to resolve the issue?

I think you can solve this issue by applying directly the security on the task portlet.

Log into MWS with the “sysadmin” user.
Go to : " Folders > My webMethods Applications > Fabric Tasks"
Enter the “Monitoring” part and then you can set the security for each task / portlet of the task.

Hope this helps